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About Us



Gledhill Avenue Child Care Centre (GACCC) is a not-for-profit organization offering licensed early learning and before-and-after school programs. Since the summer of 1989, we have operated out of Gledhill Junior Public School (GJPS) in East York, providing care for children in preschool through grade five.



GACCC will provide a stimulating, welcoming and nurturing environment for each child, recognizing that children are competent, capable, curious, and rich in potential. All children will be recognized as valuable regardless of their ethnic background, cultural or socio-economic differences and developmental needs.

GACCC’s programs will provide a developmentally-appropriate emergent curriculum to all children, enhancing children’s developmental levels. Children will be provided with interesting, and enriching environments, materials and experiences that will deepen their sense of wonder, curiosity, and exploration.

Children will be taught and supported in learning the skills necessary to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and keen investigators of the world around them. Children will learn necessary self-help and independence skills; emotional regulation and positive social interaction and play, by engaging with supportive and knowledgeable Educators that value their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences.


Our goal will be to enhance each child’s development, reveal each child’s potential and increase each child’s sense of self-worth.

Read our full Program Statement and Valued Goals HERE


We strive to cultivate an environment where diversity is celebrated and all families feel a sense of belonging. We are committed to providing care that is free from discrimination, harassment and barriers to equal opportunity by adhering to the following principles:

  • Every child is a unique individual who is welcome to our program

  • Children have the right to attend child care within the community of their choice

  • We must be responsive to the needs of our community

  • Our programming should be reflective of the varying needs of our participants

  • Children are best supported when parents are involved in the inclusion process

  • Everyone has the right to privacy and dignity

  • Fair does not always mean equal

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